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Nancy J. Watson
Bonded & Insured
August 8, 1990

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.


Cat and Fish

Here's what some of our clients have said about The Cat Nanny Cat Sitting Service:

"Just keep doing the wonderful job you are doing."

"I will tell Angie's List what a wonderful job you did!"

"My cat has special needs but you did a great job with her!"

"Our cat usually tells us off by meowing when we leave; instead we came home and he kissed our little girl!"

"It was so nice to have peace of mind that the cats were okay, without imposing on friends. You keep friends longer that way."

"Previous caretakers were not able to bring my cat out of hiding. Not so with The Cat Nanny!"

"We love to know that there is someone out there who gushes about our cats as much as we do."

"You are sincerely appreciated!"

"Let us know when your company goes public. We want to buy stock!"

"My cat is not very sociable. You must be very good for her to let you brush her."

"You were willing to do whatever it took to be sure our cats were well cared for."

"I called several pet sitting services listed in the phone book. I chose your company because my call was returned promptly and all of my questions were thoroughly answered. I will use your service again."

"I am thrilled to learn of such a reliable and trust-worthy service for my three cats."

"I loved the log. It was nice to read that the kitties were so loved. They seemed more relaxed when we came home."

"Your service is a joy to both the owners and the cats. It sounds like the sitter and cat had a good time."

"Our cat was even friendlier than ever, not so shy anymore."

"I was so pleased and reassured to know my kitty was in good hands! It was the most worthwhile money I've spent in a very long time!"

In-home cat sitting service featuring extra house sitting services.  Located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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