The Cat Nanny

Nancy J. Watson
Bonded & Insured
August 8, 1990

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Professional Cat Sitting In Your Home

Cat in a House - In-home cat sitting service featuring extra house sitting services.  Located in Indianapolis, Indiana.    

Have you ever been faced with the problem of traveling out of town and having to decide how to care for your beloved cat? We can't always count on friends or relatives to be available, and when they can help out, it might be less expensive, but they may not be able to establish a rapport with your cat. (Not everyone is a cat person!) If you're like most of us, you hate to transport your pet to the vet or kennel. You can't really relax and enjoy your time away because you're thinking of that sad face you had to leave behind.

The Cat Nanny Cat Sitting Service has the answer for you. Our bonded and insured sitters, who specialize in the care of cats, will come to your home and provide loving care for your cat while you're away. In our care, your cat:

  • Stays in secure, familiar environment, where veterinary professionals agree he is healthiest and happiest.
  • Follows his usual routine for diet, medication, (oral or syringe), playtime, brushing, and litter cleaning and changing.
  • Avoids kennel trauma and the exposure to illness from other animals.
  • Receives professional, individual attention - quality time - from fully trained fellow cat lovers who always have your cat's welfare foremost in mind. All our sitters receive on-the-job training. (Each visit lasts 45 - 60 minutes.)
  • Receives medical treatment in case of illness. You are responsible for any veterinary bills incurred, but we do not charge for time or mileage to transport your pet.
  • As a cat sitting service client of THE CAT NANNY, you're entitled to unlimited free cat advice, by phone or e-mail, to get help with common cat behavior or cat training issues. We've learned a lot since 1990, and we love helping kitties and their caregivers.


Don't confine your cats to cages in a boarding facility. Kennel employees can put your cat in a cage and feed him, but can they love and care for him? Wouldn't he be happier in his own home?

In most instances, our rates are less expensive than boarding facilities for multiple cat homes.

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We close down the last two weeks of each October for our vacation, and accept Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years bookings through October 10th each year.

We currently serve the areas between
38th Street South and 146th Street North!
(Call for details and other areas we serve!)

Not in the Indianapolis area, but still need cat advice? Do you have questions on cat behavior or cat training? We're here to help you too. Please click on this link and you'll be directed to the Cat Advocate website to learn how we can help you and your kitty with behavior or training problems, and other topics. We love talking with fellow cat lovers. Here's your chance to be in touch, as often as needed, with your very own cat whisperer!


THE CAT NANNY 2010 Angie's List Super Service Award winner